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About the Owner

Brian Steer

I have been in the home building industry for over 30 years. In 1990, I was involved with the setup of modular homes. I was tasked with the setup of single and double-wide self-contained units, the setup of modular onto basements, and the general contracting of all the required trades to have the homes move-in ready. 

I started to focus on interior finishing, the installation of cabinets, and all interior millwork. I worked as an independent cabinet installer and finishing carpenter. I honed those skills and became one of the most sought-after finishing carpenters in the area due to my attention to detail and a get-it-done attitude.

In 2000, I joined a medium-sized home builder as an in-house finishing carpenter and service person. It was in the service role that I became interested in learning how to improve the building system to lessen the amount of after-service work. Over the years, I have expanded my knowledge of all your home-building systems and have implemented ones that help you save money on energy consumption and increase the longevity of your home. 

I was promoted to Site Supervisor and Construction/Operations manager. I was in these roles for seventeen years. I have enjoyed working with my team of exceptional trades, keeping the projects scheduled on track and on time, getting to know my customers on a more personal level to fully learn their needs, and keeping up with building innovations that make any project unique and interesting. I have a large network of suppliers that are always willing to go the extra mile and love a good challenge. 

This company was created so that I can do what I do best. Build amazing projects, with today’s innovations, for amazing people. I love having a one-on-one relationship with my clients so I can help them realize their dreams.

Education & Credentials

  • Journeyman Carpenter Red Seal
  • PHBI Master Home Builder Certificate
  • PHBI Master Home
  • Volunteered with BILD Alberta on the Provincial Residential Technical Committee (2012-2023)
  • Built Green Certification
  • R2000 Certificate

Completed training in:

  • Building on Alberta Soils
  • Service Excellence Business Principles
  • Estimating
  • Land Development
  • Building Codes and Standards
  • Law Fundamentals
  • Construction Technology 1
  • Moisture Control Technician
  • Blueprint Reading
  • Communication and Negotiation
  • Construction Performance Guidelines

It is our strong desire to create a pleasant, as well as memorable building experience that you will gladly share with your friends and family.


Your project reflects your needs and dreams. We want to be the builders who helped cultivate that dream and made it possible.

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